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Testing Lab
Q.C System


Tester Name

      Testing Range

    Testing Function

Cartridge,Diverter,Swing Spout Life Tester         

  Cartridge/Diverter/Swing Spout

 Cartridge /Diverter/Swing Spout Using  Life

 Seal Strength Flow Tester of Tap

 Sealability& Flow of Faucet

 Seal Strength & Flow

Cold-Heat    Performance Comprehensive Tester

 Hose & Body of Faucet

 Cold-Heat Performance

Hose Tension Tensile Life Tester

 Hose & Hose Connector

 Tension Tensile Life

       Hanging Wall

 Wall-Mounted Ware

 Hanging Force & Bearing Force

Salt-spray Box

   Plating Surface

 The Corrosion Resistance Time   

        Plating        Thickness  Tester

   Layer of Cr,Ni,Cu…

 Plating Thickness

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